A few kilometers from the B&B Bellevue are many cycle routes for mountain bikers and hikers, horse trails, and cross-country trails and downhill skiing (including Pila and Courmayeur).

The castles

For lovers of history and culture, the surrounding area is rich of ruins, monuments and well preserved castles, such as the Sarre Royal Castle, which was built around 1242 by James Bard, founder of Sarre house. Then, after many vicissitudes, the Castle end up in the hands of the Savoy family who transformed it into a home to stay during their jokes hunting, until 1989, when it is detected by the Region. Today the Sarre Royal Castle is a museum of hunting trophies, memorabilia, portraits, precious objects and furniture owned by the Italian monarchy. Do not miss also the Aymavilles Castle, the Castle of Saint-Pierre and Fénis Castle. The latter, located in the homonymous municipality, is one of the most famous medieval castles in Valle d’Aosta. Known for its iconic architecture (it was also chosen as the location for several films), with double crenellated walls enclosing the central building and the many towers, the castle is one of the major tourist attractions of the Valley and one of the castles medieval best preserved in Italy.

The vineyards

Wine lovers should also visit Aymavilles, also called “city of wine” and located on the “route des vins”. Numerous companies and wineries where you can taste the wine produced in a particularly suited to the culture of the vine area, but not yet sufficiently known.

Cogne and Gran Paradiso

At about twenty kilometers from the B&B, is located Cogne, the largest town and one of the oldest in the Aosta Valley, at the foot of the Gran Paradiso and its national park of the same name, a fascinating destination for both summer and winter. The National Park of Gran Paradiso, the oldest in Italy, is rich in forests and wild animals that inhabit it, including marmots, ibex and chamois. They are part of the fauna of the Gran Paradiso also many species of birds: buzzards, woodpeckers, titmice, ptarmigan, crows, hawks, goshawks, owls, owls.

Spas and relax

For those looking to relax and rejuvenate … a few minutes by car or bus you can reach the Pré-Saint-Didier Spa, known since ancient Roman times. The hot springs of Pré-Saint-Didier are located upstream from the confluence of the creek in Verney Dora Baltea and flow in the artificial cave that is located at the base of the Orrido of Pré-Saint-Didier. They are famous for relaxing, restoring and anti-rheumatic. Pré-Saint-Didier is not only famous for the properties of its waters, but also for the magnificent location of the village, at the foot of Mont Blanc … An alternative is the Baths of St. Vincent, discovered in 1770, which became notes immediately for the healing properties of its water, as to be affiliated with the national health service.

The architectural masterpieces: the Pont d’Ael Bridge

In a cultural route of the Valle d’Aosta you can not miss a visit to the Bridge of Pont d’Ael, near the village of Pont d’Ael, one of the most beautiful and best preserved Roman monuments; it is an aqueduct-bridge built over the river Grand-Eyvia, in a gorge of the valley that rises from Aymavilles to Cogne; a great work of masonry and stone blocks, about 56 meters high and more than 50 long.